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Lauryncakes is a Utah fashion and beauty blog that has been around since 2013. The blog is run by Lauryn Hock, a midsize fashion blogger who focuses on outfit inspiration, skincare tips, and travel hacks.


Lauryn started her blog in the winter of 2013 after she was bedridden due to foot surgery. She was looking for something to keep her occupied during winter break, and she decided to start a blog about her fashion and beauty interests. Lauryn quickly gained a following, and her blog has grown to over 60,000 followers on Instagram.


Lauryncakes covers a wide range of topics related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Some of the most popular categories on the blog include:

  • Fashion: Lauryn shares outfit ideas, fashion trends, and affordable fashion finds.
  • Beauty: Lauryn shares her favorite skincare products, makeup tutorials, and haircare tips.
  • Travel: Lauryn shares her travel tips and experiences, as well as destination inspiration.
  • Lifestyle: Lauryn shares her thoughts on a variety of topics, including body positivity, self-care, and mental health.

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What makes Lauryncakes unique?

There are a few things that make Lauryncakes unique. First, Lauryn is a midsize fashion blogger, so she often shares outfit ideas that are flattering for all body types. Second, Lauryn loves to share affordable fashion finds, so her readers can look their best without breaking the bank. Third, Lauryn’s blog contains relatable content that women can relate to. Finally, Lauryn is a strong advocate for body positivity, and she often shares her own experiences with body image.

Why should you follow Lauryncakes?

If you’re looking for a fashion blog that is relatable, informative, and inspiring, I highly recommend Lauryncakes. Lauryn’s blog is a great resource for women who are looking for fashion inspiration, skincare tips, and travel hacks. She is a down-to-earth blogger who shares her real thoughts and experiences, and she is always willing to help her readers.


Lauryncakes is a great resource for women who are looking to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Lauryn’s blog is full of helpful tips and advice, and she is a great role model for women of all sizes. If you’re looking for a fashion blog that will make you feel good about yourself, then I highly recommend Lauryncakes.

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